Wednesday, January 13, 2010

AG CONNECT brings the world of ag together in Orlando

I had the opportunity to visit with representatives from many companies at the trade show this morning, particularly those from Europe and Brazil. AGRITECHNICA (left), the largest showcase of ag equipment in the world, is held in Germany every two years. Organizers of the AG CONNECT Expo are hopeful that they can build up this event to establish something of equal caliber in North America.

While going through the European and Brazilian displays, I found new technologies in farm machinery that have been met with great acceptance in their particular countries. Many of the representatives I talked to have been visiting with U.S. producers at the trade show and helping them understand how these technologies could help their operations. Many other countries feel this event has provided them with the opportunity to expand their global markets. Here are some examples:

Brazil-based ZM brought its ZM Bombas wheel display (left) to the AG CONNECT Expo. The water-pumping wheel is used commonly in Brazil and provides a method for providing water to small crop and livestock operations.

Willtec, a Brazilian developer of gauges (right), crosses a variety of industries with the many different products it provides. The company makes gauges for agricultural tractors, construction tractors, trucks, forklifts, fuel senders, off-road and on-road vehicles, and other machinery. Attendees of the AG CONNECT Expo can see examples of these many gauges.

A new technology at the AG CONNECT Expo is the G6 Farmnavigator developed by AvMap and Satcon System, European developers of GPS technology (top right). Show attendees can learn more about this tool at the AG CONNECT Expo in the European Pavilion.

Amazone, a farm equipment manufacturer based in Germany, has seven European factories and employs more than 1,500 people. The company has a display in the European pavilion of the AG CONNECT Expo. It develops machinery for soil tillage, planting, crop protection and fertilization, including this ZA-M fertilizer spreader (left).

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